• Leap Frog

    Differentiate your firm with a Marketing | Sales Strategy that sets your business apart from the pack.

  • You Got It!

    We’ll work with you to define your idea and oversee the build and rollout of an IT solution that benefits the bottom line.

  • Where is your focus?

    Believing in a silver bullet is a fantasy, not a strategy.

  • See The Future

    Through competitive analysis and market research, we’ll ensure you’re ready when the time is right.

  • Progress

    When you’re uncertain if you’re moving forward or backward, it’s time for some outside help.

Marketing & Sales Strategy | IT Projects

At RainMaking Marketing, we flip the typical marketing solution on its head to ensure you grow the bottom line. We can help you with everything from product inception to launch – and any phase in between. We offer marketing consulting services in a number of areas, including: content strategy; positioning & branding; product development; pricing; mobile & commerce.

When it comes to growing sales, it might feel like progress is taking place when you see the number of likes and followers grow. However, oftentimes precious time and money has been spent and thumbs and pluses don’t convert into paying customers.

Instead, together we focus on the problem and solve it together. We do this by addressing the following questions:

  • Are you accurately and succinctly describing your product or service?
  • Is your offering priced correctly?
  • Have you appropriately identified who your client is?
  • Does your target client want what you’ve got?


We will help you answer these questions – and fix what doesn’t work – within our two areas of Consulting Services: Marketing & Sales Strategy | IT Projects.

Marketing | Sales Strategy

  • Competitive Analysis | Research
  • Branding | Positioning | Taglines
  • Pricing
  • Retention
  • Content Strategy
  • Writing | Editing | Collateral

IT Projects

  • Requirements
  • Wireframes
  • Usability | Information Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Web | Mobile | Ecommerce


Let RainMaking Marketing help grow your business