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Rani Monson

RainMaking Marketing was started by marketing technologist Rani Monson. Since 1999, Rani has helped companies create new ways to generate revenue online. She is uniquely skilled at understanding technology and identifying profitable opportunities that improve customer satisfaction and retention. Her experience includes both B2B and B2C industries and spans for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Career Highlights

  • Launched award-winning HSGameTime.com — a high school sports product in 16 U.S. markets – online, in print and on-air. Managed all efforts, including sales, marketing, development and deployment. Site has a positive ROI prior to launch, with in excess of $1.6 million in booked revenue.
  • Created web strategy to generate $2.4 million in incremental revenue by monetizing digital assets. Grew website traffic using information architecture, usability testing, SEO and SEM.
  • Expanded permission-email marketing program to nearly $6 million in annual revenue.
  • Negotiated contracts and implemented pay-per-click and contextual advertising programs across more than 160 million monthly page views, generating in excess of $1 million in profit.
  • Selected vendor, negotiated deal, and rolled out consumer generated media (CGM) capabilities across 16 markets. Registration grew 116% and amount of time spent on sites increased 14%.


Joined Yahoo

Tired of covering what was going on at the table, Rani realized she needed a change – she wanted a seat at the table. That was when Rani joined Yahoo!, where her experiences ranged from conducting live interviews with rock stars to helping integrate audio and video throughout the web portal – the beginning stages of what the company offers consumers today.

While working in the Research & Development group at Yahoo!, Rani solidified her love for digital media technology. That interest in technology began while at Northwestern and involved in some of the initial classes looking at how to combine Journalism with the then-emerging Internet.

At Sabre Holdings, the parent company of Travelocity, Rani worked within both businesses on product development. During this time, she also attended graduate school and received her MBA in marketing, graduating with SIE honors.

Boy Scouts Of America

Most recently, Rani worked for the Boy Scouts of America as the Director of Innovation. She was hired to form the Innovation department, with a focus of improving the relevancy of the program among today’s youth.

Efforts ranged from adding Jet Skis and 4-wheelers to building a digital strategy that enables online registration for the 100-year-old nonprofit. Another initiative was an online Innovation Engine, which proactively solicited ideas, allowed participants to vote on concepts, and encouraged discussion about each proposal.

To get others in the organization excited about Innovation, Rani used case studies like Sesame Street and Barbie to reinforce how each of us can think and act in innovative ways each day. She left the Boy Scouts in 2010 to focus on her consulting business full-time. To this day, Rani still hasn’t been camping, something few Boy Scouts can say.


Rani received her B.S. from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. After college, she began her career as a newspaper reporter, constantly breaking stories and winning awards. This included exposing City Council members who got away without paying their home water bills. As well as uncovering efforts by the Dallas Cowboys to abandon their aging stadium and angle for a new taxpayer-funded facility.

She has an MBA in marketing from the University of Dallas, where she graduated with SIE honors.

Her learning still continues, with recent efforts including:

  • MIT – Strategy and Innovation certificate program
  • Harvard – Disruptive Innovation Advisory Program with Clayton Christensen