Marketing | Sales Strategy

Ensure you have the right message aimed at the right audience by working with RainMaking MarketingIf someone tells you there is one thing you can do to solve your sales woes – like a Google ad or a contest on Facebook –  don’t believe them. And certainly don’t hire them! At RainMaking Marketing, we will tell there is no panacea. A “silver bullet” for marketing and generating sales simply doesn’t exist. The reality is Twitter, sponsored links, brochures and the like have one thing in common — they are all communication vehicles. Nothing more, nothing less.

A Fairy Tale: the Silver-Bullet Solution

Oftentime the advice you’re given is all about the vehicle de jure of the moment. Now it’s Pinterest. Cool stuff. But the solution? Doubtful…When the focus is on the vehicle, the strategy is being overlooked or ignored.

Without a strategy in place, things like LinkedIn and YouTube don’t have much of a chance. In all likelihood, they will be sending the wrong message to the wrong person. And you know what they say: “don’t shoot the messenger.” If you plan and execute a proper Marketing & Sales Strategy, you’ll increase the likelihood of reaching the right target with the right message at the right time.  Otherwise,  if you “fail to plan, plan to fail.”

We’ll work with you to put in place a proper Marketing & Sales Strategy. You can attract new customers and encourage existing clients to spend more money with your firm. Consulting services from RainMaking Marketing include:

  • Competitive Analysis | Research
  • Positioning | Taglines
  • Pricing
  • Retention
  • Writing | Editing
  • Collateral